Ritual Chenrezig Thangka Painting

Ritual Chenrezig Thangka Painting


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Chenrezig is believed to embody the collective wisdom of all the buddhas and their compassionate nature.

Weight 100 Grams
Size 45*61 cm
Material Cotton Canvas, Mixed Color

Iconography of Chenrezig

Chenrezig is visualized in many forms with various numbers of faces and arms, and various colors and ornaments. He sits on a lotus and the flat disc of the moon with another moon disk behind him, reflecting his total purity.

Two of his four arms are joined in the prayer position holding the wish-fulfilling gem. In his other left hand, he holds a lotus flower and in his other right hand, there is a crystal mala which he is using to count the repetitions of his mantra.

Mantra of Chenrezig

The Mantra of Chenrezig is Om Mani Padme Hum.


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