6 Realms and Chenrezig – Rebirth and Existence

is the lord of .

“Every person whose heart is moved by love and compassion, who deeply and sincerely acts for the benefit of others without concern for fame, profit, social position, or recognition expresses the activity of Chenrezig.”

The Six Realms Associated with Chenrezig

typically identifies of rebirth and existence. The six are listed below:

  1. Asuras
  2. Humans

Earlier refer to five realms rather than six realms; when described as five realms, the realm and demi-god realm constitute a single realm.

His is “Om Mani Peme Hum” translated as “The jewel is in ” signifying the indivisibility of and .

The table shows detail information about the six realms and associates related to Chenrezig.

Syllable               MA        Ni         PE          ME    Hum
Colour White Green Yellow Sky blue Red Blue-black
Perfection Mental stability Morality Diligence Generosity Wisdom
Karmic Propensity Pride Envy Doubt and
Wisdom Accompli-shing Wisdom Non-clinging awareness Dharmakaya Discrimina-tion -like
Realm Gods Asuras (jealous gods or titans) Humans Animals (hungry ghosts) Hells
What Chenrezig carries in this realm Melodious lute Flaming sword Staff and Book Bowls of food and jewels Mirror

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