8 Emanations of Ratnasambhava (Male and Female)

is one of the principal in and . He is the head of a group of who carry jewels and are family .

Comparatively, Ratnasambhava is unimportant in the pantheon of the Northern , as is evident from the small number of deities that emanate from him.

Jambhala, Vasudhara, Mahapratisara, and Ratnasambhava

It has already been pointed out that and Vasudhara were known long before the were ushered into existence and it appears, therefore, that Jambhala has been assigned to Ratnasambhava at a late period.

Jambhala is connected with and is said to distribute gems, jewels, and riches to his devotees.

Again Ratnasambhava means ‘’ and whom might Jambhala, the , call his sire if not the born of jewels.

If one or two of Jambhala emanate from Ratnasambhava, it may be reasonably expected that at least one or two forms of his consort, , should also issue from the same source.

In spite of all this, the Buddhists were divided in their opinion as to the sire of Jambhala, the followers of the Aksobhya cult holding him as originating from .

, another of his emanations, belongs to the Pancaraksa group and affiliates herself to Ratnasambhava in the same way as the other members of the group affiliate themselves to one or another of the .

Ratnasambhava is distinguished from the other Dhyani by his yellow color and the he displays with his right hand.

Male Deities emanated from Ratnasambhava

The male deities that emanate from Ratnasambhava are listed below:


Jambhala is the of wealth who emanate either from Aksobhya or from Ratnasambhava. The characteristic feature of Jambhala emanating from Ratnasambhava is that he carries the mongoose in his right hand and the citron in the left. The mongoose is supposed to be the receptacle of all gems and jewels, and when Jambhala presses the two sides of the mongoose it vomits the treasures within.


This Jambhala is identical in form of Aksobhya. Jambhala in his fierce form of Ucchusma or Dimbha is not known either in or in .

FeMale Deities emanated from Ratnasambhava

The female deities that emanate from Ratnasambhava are listed below:


Buddhist Deity, is also popularly known as Mahacinatara and is one of the 21 present in the Buddhist . The other names for Tara are Blue Tara, Vajra Tara, Ugra Tara, and or Ekajata.


Mahapratisara is a Bodhisattva belonging to in the Mahayana and . She is sometimes presented as the consort of . Mahapratisara has four heads and eight arms. Mahapratisar is white in color and her heads are successively yellow, white, red and green.


She is the Buddhist bodhisattva of wealth, , and abundance. Vasudhara is popular in many Buddhist countries and is a subject in Buddhist legends and .


Goddess  is a destroyer form of Sri . She manifests from the womb of the  with the help of


is another of the important and popular who does not seem to bear the image of any of the Dhyani Buddhas on the crown. she is a  Buddhist female Buddha.


She is a companion of Kurukulla, but her independent form shows the yellow color. stands on the moon over the double , is radiant with the glow of the , tramples under her left foot , under the right Upendra, and presses and between the two, and destroys the veils of



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