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(the Jewel in ) is the universal of and . When we recite this mantra, we are in fact continually repeating the name of Chenrezig, the of all compassion and love. This mantra is invested by the grace and power of the of Chenrezig, who himself gathers the grace of compassion of all the buddhas and . In this view, the mantra is endowed with the capacity to purify our mind from the veils that obscure it.

Who is Chenrezig?

Chenrezig, also known as Avalokitesvara, “One who looks with the unwavering eye,” is the most revered of all , embodying the compassion of all Buddhas.

Chenrezig Mantra

Mane Padme Hum

Siddham Mantra of Chenrezig

Uchen mantra of Chenrezig

Tibetan Ume mantra of Chenrezig

Lantsa Mantra of Chenrezig

Ranjana mantra of Chenrezig

Ranjana Mantra of Chenrezig


om ma ni pa dma hum

What is the meaning of Chenrezig Mantra?

The mantra opens the mind to love and compassion and leads it towards . Each syllable has a genuine effect:

OM purifies the veils of the . MA purifies the veils of speech. NI purifies the veils of the mind. PAD purifies the veils of conflicting emotions. Me purifies the veils of latent conditioning. HUM purifies the veil that covers . Likewise, each six-syllable has itself a prayer, each syllable has itself the six paramitas, the six transcendental perfections, each of the syllables is related to the six buddhas reigning over the six buddha families and each syllable also links them to the six pearls of – the wisdom of , the wisdom of activity, the wisdom born of itself, the wisdom of , the discriminating wisdom and the -like wisdom.

In , the mantra of Chenrezig was recited by everybody. Its popularity and simplicity, rather than lessening its greatness, conferred on it an even greater value. This was expressed in a humorous saying: In the beginning, no in not knowing it. In the middle, no pride in knowing it. In the end, no of forgetting it.

What are the benefits of the Chenrezig Mantra?

Chenrezig Mantra is often chanted in order to achieve quickly for all beings.

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