Nyingma refuge tree - Longchen Nyingtik Lineage

Nyingma Lineage tree thangka with explanation chart

The subject depicted in this is called Guruparampara, a “Line of Teachers.”

It depicts the family tree of lineage, as it were, and its function is to indicate a line of descent.

The meaning of this presentation is to show a refuge for believers. It creates a kind of structure with a number of deities and teachers in whom devotees take refuge, because they will help believers in the course of their spiritual development.

have always been venerated in , , Brahmanism and the and faith originated in Indian-subcontinent and in many other regions. They show right path to their disciples for emancipation.

Nyingma refuge tree chart

Nyingma refuge tree chart

Nyingma chart

8 Close Sons of the ()

8 Supreme Ones of the Hinayana Sangha (Shravakas and )

Lineage Gurus

1. Jigme Gyalwey Nyugu


3. Dodrupchen Kunsang Shenpen

4. Khenchen Pema

5. Thubten Chokyi Dorje / 5th

6. Drodul Kargyi Dorje / Adzom Drukpa

7. Gyalsé Shenpen Tayé

8. Kunpel

9. Shri Simha


11. / Bairotsana

12. Samantabhadra


14. / Prahevajra

15. / / Padmakara




19. Manjushrimitra



22. Dola Jigme Kalsang

23. Jigme Tenpey Nyima / 3rd Dodrupchen

24. Do Khyentse Dorje

25. Jungne

26. Yukhok Chatral

27. Apang Terton


29. Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro

Buddhas of the past, present and future

30. Kashyapa (previous )


. Maitreya (future buddha)

Longchen Nyingtik Yidam Deities

33. Mahakuruna / Avalokiteshvara

34. Yamantaka

35. Hayagriva

36. Takyung Barwa

37. Vajra Heruka

38. Vishuddha Heruka

39. Dechen Gyelmo (Queen of Great Bliss)

40. Vajrakilaya

41. Lion Faced Dakini

Dzogchen Dharma Protectors

42. Tseringma

43. Gonpo Maning

44. Rahula

45. Ekajati

46. Dorjé Lekpa

47. Lhamo Ngen Nema

48. Yodrönma

Khen Rinpoche’s main teachers not shown in refuge tree

  • Khenpo Petsé Rinpoche / Padma Tsewang
  • Khenpo Jigme Puntsok
  • Adzom Drukpa / Adzom Druktrul’s previous incarnation
  • Khenpo Chöchap

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