Tibetan Calendar Thangka Painting

Tibetan Calendar Thangka Painting

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The Beautiful Tibetan Calendar Thangka Painting hand painted by experienced artists from Bhaktapur,  Nepal. Tibetan calendar is specifically followed by  Tibetan Buddhism.

About Calander

The Tibetan calendar is a lunisolar calendar, that shows the cycle of twelve months according to the Tibetan lunar calendar together with the corresponding months and days of the Western calendar.

The Tibetan year is composed of either 12 or 13 lunar months. Each beginning and ending with a new moon. A thirteenth month is added every two or three years so that an average Tibetan year is equal to the solar year.

In the Tibetan calendar, each year is associated with different animals like Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Ox and Tiger with respective elements order Fire, Earth, Iron, Water, Wood.

Tibetan and Buddhist Astrology

The Tibetan astrology is a combination of Buddhist astrology from Kalachakra-tantra, Hindu astrology from Shiva-Tantra and ancient Chinese astrology.

Due to the synchronization of the solar day, lunar month and zodiac year in Tibetan astrology you will see that a day can be lost or doubled.

The regular holy days, as well as special days of Tibetan and Buddhist festivals, are indicated. Although every day of the year is a special day for the practice of Dharma, the selection made here is on the bases of giving priority to the most important ones.


Some of the festivals are Tibetan New Year (Losar), The Monlam Prayer Festival, The Butter Lamp Festival, Sera Bengqin Festival, Spring Sowing Festival etc.

The 8th Moon, Full Moon, New Moon and eclipse days are special days for any wholesome action. For the lay practitioners, these days are especially recommended for taking the Eight Vows.

The 10th and 25th of the Tibetan calendar are days for Ganachakra or Tsok-Rituals of Tantra. They are especially recommended for performing Guru-Pujas. Sojong or Upposotha days twice a month are for confession of monastic communities.


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