Vajrakilaya Thangka Art

Vajrakilaya Thangka Art


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Vajrakilaya Thangka Art is handpainted by Master Lama Artist on cotton canvas, Colors extracts from minerals & stones.

Vajrakila is a powerful personification of the diamond-tipped peg symbolizing of the power of ‘one-pointed’ concentration which transfixes negative energies that obscure spiritual truth & awakening.

Concerted mindfulness on the interdependence & ultimate unity of all principles [Skt. Dharmas], which govern the inner & outer worlds.

By subduing delusions & negativities that arise as obstacles during spiritual awakening [dharma practice] he purifies spiritual journeys which lead to enlightenment.

This beautiful Vajrakilaya Thangka hand painting is perfect for house warming gifts, a spiritual gift to your friends and family.

It can be decorated as a wall hanging in your living room or placed on your altar for spiritual prayers. It is also perfect for giving spiritual gifts.

Elderly people need spiritual awakenings and this can be just right fit for their emotional and spiritual healing and meditation.

Mantra of Vajra Kilaya:

Om Vajra Kili Kilaya Sarva Bighanen Ban Hun Phat


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