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The healing power & sacred geometry of mandalas

The word appears in texts which mean a collection of and hymns. Including , the and used in the are the core constituents of many around the world. Mandala represents any form of geometric structure and symbols that represents cosmic energy in the physical world. The appearance of the mandala is believed to be very which reminds the viewer of serenity and sanctity in the and the energy inside him/her.

Sacred Geometry

Getting the basics into sacred geometry helps you to create mandalas, crystal grids and other cosmic objects. The purpose of different geometric shapes used in mandala is to make the viewer realize about different aspects of life. The core purpose is to take the practitioner from the path of to the path of . The shapes are arranged in such a way that it acts as a visual aid for the and .

The concentric used in mandalas helps one to dissolve in the cosmic energy hence uniting yourself with the universe. The deity of the mandala is represented by square shaped like structures situated within concentric circles. The square shaped structures have four gates each of which signifies: loving-, , sympathy, and .

The square shape may also represent the or holy place.

Healing Power

Though the mandala can be from one side, it is believed to be a complete therapy if seen from another angle. All of us are familiar with the fact how viewing the mandala can take a practitioner to a meditative state. But then researchers shows how making mandala helps one to attain the universal experience.

Making mandala itself is a really creative process which requires a lot of attention and focus. Thus, it enhances one’s state to meditative state. Mandalas are believed to radiate the energy.

The different colours used in mandala helps one realize about how versatile experiences in life makes one’s life beautiful and complete.

Placing these mandalas in your bedroom can really enhance your energy level and positivity within you.


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