Yellow Zambala Thangka
Yellow Zambala Thangka
Yellow Zambala Thangka
Yellow Zambala Thangka

Yellow Zambala Thangka

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Zambala is believed to help eliminate poverty and create financial stability and often called as “Gold of Wealth”. He is a Bodhisattva of material and spiritual wealth that helps to minimize misfortunes and obstacles and increase good fortune and happiness.

There are 5 Zambala, each has his own mantra and practices to guide sentient being to the path of enlightenment.

The Yellow Zambala is considered the most popular and powerful of the Wealth Gods. Yellow Zambala is the manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava. He is protecting the dharma and if anyone chants his name, he will come and help this person. If you have trouble with finance or anything, you can repeat his mantra and he will come and help. But you must have compassion and practice Buddhism properly to receive his blessings. You can also gain wealth, wisdom, intelligence and attain Buddhahood. Yellow Zambala is sitting on a lotus, sun and moon disk. He holds a mongoose in his left hand and from its mouth spews forth precious jewels.

The Mantra of Yellow Zambala is: Om Zambala Zalendhraye Soha

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  1. Zheng Jingyi

    Not a Master quality but the colors are nice and it is not too expensive

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