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About Dharmakirti

Dharmakīrti was an influential Indian philosopher who worked at Nālandā. He was one of the key scholars of epistemology () in , and is associated with the Yogācāra and Sautrāntika schools. He was also one of the primary theorists of Buddhist atomism. His influenced the scholars of Mīmāṃsā, Nyaya and Shaivism schools of as well as scholars of Jainism.

Deity and Divinities of Nyingma Tradition

Tradition is the old school of is the name given to the followers of those original translations of the of the into . The Nyingma teachings are divided into the Long Transmission (Tib. ring gyü) of the and the Short Transmission (Tib. nyé gyü) of Terma; other teachings were received by directly in Pure Visions (Tib. dak nang) from deities or , in experiences or in dreams. .