About Fire Under the Snow

Fire Under the Snow is a 2008 documentary film on the life of Tibetan monk, Palden Gyatso, recounting 33-years of his life spent as a political prisoner in Chinese prisons and labor camps. The documentary is directed by Japanese filmmaker, Makoto Sasa and based on the book by Palden Gyatso in Tibetan language.
Tibetan art is deeply religious sacred art.

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Tibet developed a distinct due to its geographic and climatic conditions. While influenced by neighboring cultures from China, India, and Nepal, the Himalayan region's remoteness and inaccessibility have preserved distinct local influences, and stimulated the development of its distinct culture. Tibetan Buddhism has exerted a particularly strong influence on Tibetan culture since its introduction in the seventh century. Buddhist missionaries who came mainly from India, Nepal and China introduced arts and customs from India .