About God Realms

The God realm is divine samsaric states are the fruit of positive karma generally related to acts of generosity, meditative concentration or practices of asceticism, but which are still tainted by worldly goals. Because the life of the gods is free from suffering, the idea of practicing Dharma never occurs to them. When the effect of the actions which sent them there is exhausted, these gods will suffer a lot, while their body is gradually degenerating. At the end of their lives, they have very frightening visions of their upcoming lower rebirth in samsara, in which these gods inevitably fall back into.

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The Wheel of Life

illustrates in a popular way the of the , the Four Truths,  the existence of earthly , its origin and cause, the ending or prevention of misery and the practice path to liberation from suffering.   The   Three Poisons The center of the wheel represents the three poisons. They are or , or aggression, . Desire is passion, one of the three principal destructive .