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is called as Pal Du Kyi Kor Lo in . Kalachakra is a non-dual retrieved from the hidden kingdom of Shambala. kalachakra is semi wrathful in appearance, blue in color, he has four faces, twenty-four hands, and two legs. The main face is blue, right red left white and the back face is yellow.

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Krodha has five according to a lineage. Vajrapani Krodha is known as a wrathful meditational deity. Vajrapani Krodh is representing the power of all . The reverse of the of Krodha Vajrapani is decorated with a drawing of a to represent the of all ones. Each of the figures of human teachers and is mar marked with the three letters, ‘ ah hum’, representing the .
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This article compares the top websites that are providing and Online. The article will compare the websites on the basis of price, , place where the is painted, , etc by providing detailed information about the websites vision, mission, and goals. What are the best websites to buy Thangka and ? Thangka and is a  and used for , decoration, to pray and so on.  Thangka is .