About Lang Palgyi Sengge

Palgyi Senge of Lang was the son of Amey Jangchub Drekhöl, a powerful mantrika who had the ability to call upon gods and demons as his servants. He was one of the eight main disciples of Padmasambhava when the empowerment of the Assemblage of Sugatas was given. Through his practice of the Tamer of All Haughty Spirits, he achieved both ordinary and extraordinary accomplishments at Paro Taktsang.

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava also called as Guru Rinpoche were instrumental in the spread of Buddha's teachings throughout Tibet. They emerged as masters, having achieved great wisdom, understanding, and success. These Mahasiddhas are believed to have special future incarnations due to their connection with Padmasambhava's terma treasures. To this day, these disciples continue to be reborn as Tertons, imparting the teachings of Padmasambhava in a contemporary and authentic way to new .