About Odran Palgyi Wangchug

Otren Palgyi Wangchuk was a renowned scholar and Tantrika who attained enlightenment through his devotion to Guru Drakpo, the wrathful form of Padmasambhava. He is referred to in various significant texts, including 'Lady of the Lotus.' Guru Rinpoche bestowed upon him the external, internal, and secret root sadhanas of the Mamos, the Newap, and the Legye, and asked him to practice in the Yerpa caves, which he was born from Gyalwa Jangchup.

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava also called as Guru Rinpoche were instrumental in the spread of Buddha's teachings throughout Tibet. They emerged as masters, having achieved great wisdom, understanding, and success. These Mahasiddhas are believed to have special future incarnations due to their connection with Padmasambhava's terma treasures. To this day, these disciples continue to be reborn as Tertons, imparting the teachings of Padmasambhava in a contemporary and authentic way to new .