About Pashyanti

Pashyanti or Paśyanti or paśyantī, the Sanskrit term which means 'see' is derived from the word paśya meaning 'to see' and paśyat meaning - seeing, beholding, a particular sound. In Indian philosophy the notion of individuality, which is the third level of personality and the seed of all thoughts, speeches and actions is called Pashyanti, meaning 'that which witnesses'.

The Himalayan Yoga Tradation

The Mountains have been the home of sages for millennia. These great sages have lived and passed on of the yogic to disciples who then became passing on the teachings in an unbroken lineage since the . Twelve hundred years ago organized his teaching into five centers of the . As one of those five, our tradition is the Bharati lineage connected with the Shankaracharya at the Shringeri .