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Right Understanding is one path of Eightfold Path of Buddha.

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First Step – Right Understanding

After having information about the four Noble Paths, The Noble Truth Of , The Noble Truth Of The Origin Of Suffering, The Noble Truth Of The Extinction Of Suffering and The Noble Truth Of The Path That Leads To The Extinction Of Suffering. Now we are going to look through the First step of Eightfold paths. WHAT, now, is Right Understanding? It is understanding the Four Truths. To understand suffering to understand the origin of .

Hinduism & Buddhism – In context of Nepal

Today, is referred to as the oldest living followed in the whole world. More than 3000+ deities are found in some places near the homes of where they and . Though the underlying philosophies of Hinduism are the same, the belief system has been adjusted over nearly 3000 years of existence. The concept is still the same and is adjusted over to cope with social changes of a society. Before .