About Vajravega

Vajravega is a wisdom deity, the principal protector deity for the Kalachakra Cycle of Tantras. Sometimes Vajravega and Kalachakra are conflated and misidentified due to their similar appearance. Vajravega is the wrathful aspect of Kalachakra who is an extremely powerful form of spiritual protection.

Entering into the Mandala and sections

This includes three sections, entering the Mandalacircumambulating it and making prostrationssetting the disciples in the pledges, and descent of the beings upon expressing the words of truth. 1. Entering  the While the says the of the Vajra guard of the eastern gate, the attendant draws back the curtain. The disciples imagine that the Vajra guard opens the door. Saying the mantra and holding the Vajra in the ’s hand they imagine entering the .