About Vikramalashila

Vikramalashila was a renowned Buddhist monastery and center of learning located in ancient India, near modern-day Bhagalpur in Bihar. Founded during the Pala dynasty in the 8th century CE, Vikramalashila played a pivotal role in the revival and propagation of Mahayana Buddhism. Monks at Vikramalashila engaged in rigorous study of Buddhist scriptures, philosophy, and meditation practices under the guidance of eminent scholars. The monastery attracted students and teachers from across Asia, fostering a vibrant intellectual and spiritual community (Sangha). It served as a hub for scholarly exchange, where profound insights into Buddhist teachings were developed and disseminated, contributing significantly to the enrichment of Buddhist thought and practice during its era.
Drepung Loseling Monastery in India

Drepung Loseling Monastery in India – The Residence of all the Dalai Lamas

is located in Colony, , . There are over 5,000 , with around 3,000 at Loseling and some 2,000 at Drepung Gomang. Hundreds of new are admitted each year, many of them from . Drepung in Tibet was modeled after the great of Classical , namely, and , and was an institution dedicated to the intense of the and sciences. History of Drepung Loseling Drepung .