Don’t Live On Borrowed Light

Just a small light is enough, and you can go on with that small light for ten thousand miles without any difficulty. Your light may be falling only four feet ahead of you – just go on moving. “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” ~The Buddha As you move, the light will be moving ahead, and if you can see four feet ahead, that’s enough. .

Be A Light Unto Yourself – Buddha

The last statement of the Buddha to his disciples was “Be a light unto yourself.” The disciples were crying and weeping. It was only natural since the master was leaving and they had lived with him for forty years, some the whole time. These forty years were of tremendous joy encompassing many great experiences. These forty years had been the most beautiful time humanly possible. These forty years had been days of paradise on .

Framing Your Thangka with Brocade

We offer our clients the option of purchasing a thangka mounted in the traditional brocaded way or, for those who wish a frame of their own choosing, unmounted/unframed thangkas. The traditional brocaded mount consists of a narrow band of red surrounded by another narrow band of yellow, which in turn is sewn to a larger frame of semi-rectangular brocade, slightly widened at the base. The mount is then attached to two wooden rods to .

Steps in Selecting a Thangka

The choice of a thangka is very personal and we encourage our guests to be selective, finding just the right piece that speaks to the heart. Here are several factors to keep in mind while looking. Quality – Thangkas can be found in any quality from very poor to very high. The higher the quality, the more expensive. Some indicators of high quality are intricate detail (look at facial features, deity clothing patterns), the elegance .

Nepal Religion and Culture

Nepal, a place of eternal beauty, is a land of colorful cultures, ancient history and people, traditional arts, and picturesque scenery. It is popularly known as the highest mountain peak of the world, Mount Everest. Historically, Nepal has been a kingdom centered in the Kathmandu Valley for more than 1,500 years. During most of that period, the Kathmandu Valley has been Nepal’s political, economic, and cultural hub and was once a sanctuary for waves .

Variations in Most Valuable Possession

Have you ever speculated about your most valuable possession? Well, if not it’s really a good idea if you start thinking about it. If you start thinking about the most valuable possession, you might come up with a big list. You can then select the most treasured among them. Some people come up with a situation where they have to compromise all the possessions so that they can stick up with one best possession. While .

The healing power and sacred geometry of mandalas

The word Mandala appears in Sanskrit texts which mean a collection of mantras and hymns. Including Buddhism, the shapes and symbols used in the mandalas are the core constituents of many ancient cultures around the world. Mandala represents any form of geometric structure and symbols that represents cosmic energy in the physical world. The appearance of the mandala is believed to be very sacred which reminds the viewer of serenity and sanctity in the .

Understanding The Thangka Paintings

According to historical records, around the seventh or eighth century, A.D. Thangka drawings began to be made in Tibet. This approach stems from Indian storytelling, where the image from which the story was told is vertically suspended, to visually assist in the story-telling. Some Thangka paintings seem to also be influenced by Han art effects. The vast majority of Thangka expresses various themes in Tibetan Buddhism. The manner of its display directly reflects the .

Detail Walk Into The Wheel of Life

A very unique of its kind, Bhavachakra Mandala or The Wheel of Life is seen almost everywhere when you walk inside any Buddhist monastery or Stupas. It is also one of the powerful tools for meditation. It is often used by the practitioners of Buddhism to understand the life of Buddha. The wheel is a wonderful representation of Buddhism and the consciousness. The wheel of life is supported by the wrathful deity Yama, god of death. .

Buddha Mudras, Gestures and Postures

A mudra is a gesture made by the hand and fingers to symbolize the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. Buddha mudras are gestures of their spirits that call the deities during worship or during moments when they meditate. Buddha Mudras demonstrate that the non-verbal form of communication is often more effective than the spoken one. The hand and fingers of Buddha images or even meditating monks are posed to symbolize a lot of things .