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      It’s very important to know how to breathe well. Indeed, by breathing well, all things are done well.

      One aspect is to breathe out completely, and to breathe in slowly.

      Natural breathing is the key and the goal; next to this is to consciously breathe. . . Consciously breathing is practice and skill.

      Pranayam which means “control of breath” teaches that when the breath is controlled, the world is controlled…

      This is like realizing Buddha nature, which along-with wisdom and peace, has many Siddhis… Wisdom is boundless like an ocean; there is no limit to it, it is limitless and infinite.

      In the same way, experience is like this; and the expansiveness of wisdom is boundless and endless. Life and experience in this “other world” are boundless and infinite.

      Everyone should explore in their own way; taking their own experience and understanding for guide.

      Breath is connected to all life, and to be mindful and ever skillful and improving in breath, the whole of life can improve, and peacefulness and many aspects of life can be perfected, or – improved upon indefinitely.

      TO mindfully improve all of these skills, incrementally and with a view to the whole; is a wonderful task. Wonderful and enjoyable, within one’s life; and connected to all life.

      Mindfully improving every aspect of skill and life, is certainly wisdom, and breath is a natural key and center for all of this.

      As – we are always breathing, so to breathe mindfully and as well as possibly, is the natural key to many other skillful action.

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      If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.

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      I often think of this – perfection of skills, these accumulate over time…

      All small types of skills, — balance, walking, breathing, so many…

      Every single kind of skill — Including energy, patience,

      These are well to practice.

      Having been one, you become many; having been many, you become one; you appear and vanish; you go unhindered through a wall, through a rampart, through a mountain as though through space; you dive in and out of the earth as though it were water; you walk on water without sinking as though it were earth; seated cross-legged, you travel in space like a bird; with your hand you touch and stroke the moon and sun so powerful and mighty; you exercise mastery with the body as far as the brahma world.

      Samyutta Nikaya 12.70

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      (i wrote the above first and only posted it now)

      your post is so good..

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      If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.
      So, my previous post was before I had read this 🙂
      I had read it and posted…

      live in the moment, live in the breath.

      This is true, and this is wisdom. To do this is really intelligent, and it’s very wise. . .

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      Purity and wisdom and so forth; One should use one’s words most of all. <3

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      Second to this is to set aside time for practice.

      One should learn patience and wisdom — patience is one of the highest virtues, if not the very highest… If not the very highest… In this way one learns the wisdom of non-action. Non-action considered one of the three entrances to Liberation;

      It’s beyond description and in this way one can come to wisdom. Peace and wisdom are closely connected;

      By stillness one can understand wisdom, and wisdom is considered a part of stillness; stillness is wisdom.

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