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      Enlightenment is the most beautiful experience, the highest experience… the most worthwhile talking about.

      There is no other equal to this.. to the highest experience…

      There is no other thing in the universe worth as much talking about than the expression of the highest..

      The expression of enlightenment is not totally expressible in words, although words can be descriptive —

      Infinite peace is the most apt description…. Infinite peace and bliss —

      So the expression is something like this; “There is infinite peace,”

      and bliss and joy. . .

      So the reasons which it is most worthy are like this:

      Infinite peace and joy, and bliss —

      A whole experience of these. . .

      These are so beautiful as to render the rest very uninteresting…

      Enlightenment is the worthy for talking about for this reasons;

      It is like comparing something with no taste, as with the sweetest taste;

      Something with no reality, with the greatest reality;

      In comparison with reality, infinite dimension;

      The boundlessness of perfected wisdom,

      The perfection of bliss and perfection of peace;

      Is the most beautiful and worthy of expressing.

      Infinite peace, perfect beauty and bliss,

      So for this reason,

      The quest for enlightenment is so wonderful;

      For these reasons,

      All should be set aside for enlightenment —

      For the quest for enlightenment,

      For the benefit of all living beings.

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