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      Generosity or giving — dana — this is one of the six perfections.

      This is a very important one — what this means is that one does not have any possessions which one would not give away.

      The perfection of giving is when one would give one’s very life to help another being.

      And yet — Prajna paramitam teaches that one will never come to harm….

      So if one has Perfect Wisdom, one will never come to harm.

      It has been written, the perfection of giving is that one doesn’t accumulate anything one wouldn’t give away.

      For monks living in the forest, all of these things are experienced quite literally.

      One does not have any possessions. . . and one lives meditating.

      This is an aspect of Bodhisattva conduct.

      This is one of the most important qualities because — the more that we give freely, the more our merit becomes; the more we do not give but remain stingy — the less our merit…

      To give Metta or knowledge, is more substantial than to give material items.

      Both fall under the category of generosity —

      When giving is done with Prajna and other perfections; — this is then a way of enlightenment.

      One can give something, material or non-material — when this is done from perfect wisdom, one is also giving a perfect blessing.

      This is the type of perfection which helps in every way — protection, health, happiness — so many others.

      All can be given this way.

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      No one has ever become poor by giving.

      Giving is another way of receiving.

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      Nice :heart:
      it’s so nice..
      yes the whole world becomes richer as we practice dana paramitam.

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