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      Wisdom may be expressed like this;

      Beautiful reality can be expressed like this.

      Beautiful reality is the true nature,

      The essential beautiful nature,

      The true source;

      The place of this nature is all places.

      All places have this nature,

      As such it is everywhere.

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      Not in any one place only, but in all places;

      Not in any one person or being only,

      But in all beings;

      So this is what we can try to see.

      What can we describe it as?

      We may call it all words,

      Or any words, or description,

      But it’s that which is in all of these things.

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      Sunshine, air, clear space, beauty, trees. . .

      Beautiful nature is all of these,

      It is the source of these.

      So we describe beautiful reality —

      We call this Shambala, heaven, Prajna paramita,

      By any names, reality or source;

      Beautiful heaven,

      We call and search for this —

      We create this with our words and hopes.

      We search for this and create this,

      In our perfect moments of peace,

      In our beautiful times of joy

      We always aspire for this.

      Harmony, peace and bliss.

      Perfect happiness.

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      Perfect wonder and beauty

      Are the way to see reality —

      The best way of seeing clearly

      The way a child can see;

      Beautiful reality.

      Perfect peace,

      and beauty.

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