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      Namaste dear friends,

      Hoping and trusting that this reaches you in the best of health, with happiness..

      So I will begin with by talking about what comes after the four attainments. The reason is that what comes after the four attainments is the most remarkable experience;

      the most wonderful experience, the highest experience,

      the most beautiful experience,

      and being these it is the most worthy of being talked about.

      The first aspect of Enligthenment is infinite peace… This can be described as.

      No matter what may happen, nothing can remove this quality of peace which is within everything.

      All beings, and all things have this quality of peace, which is in all places, things and times.

      No matter what may happen, it’s an inseparable piece of every thing.

      That peace is one aspect; and blissfulness is the second.

      The next is that all beings possess these.. Enlightenment, which is boundless, is the basic nature of all beings.

      All beings have this nature, which is truly wonderful, truly beautiful.

      This means that all forms and all beings are forms of this.

      So – a tree, a computer, a house, a blanket; they are all this.

      All forms of the universe, are forms of this source. — Which is of the nature of peace, bliss, wisdom, and so on.

      The nature of all forms are temporary. They form, and they vanish.

      As all forms of suffering are like this, bubbles which are vanishing, – this is for great joy, infinite joy, peace, and happiness.

      This is what it means that it is the most beautiful thing.

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