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      Vajroli Mudra is one of the ways in yoga which can help you deal with premature ejaculation and urinary disorders.

      This is easy to practice but difficult to master. If you practice this mudra for a long time you will also have other benefits like activation of chakras and great self-control.

      Advanced practice can lead to one being able to control the ejaculation of semen and even ability to pull back the ejaculated semen. These advanced stages are known as Sahjoli and Amroli and references to these are found in ancient yogic texts. These practices were developed in ancient times which emphasized preserving the semen. As per ancient systems, semen is energy in physical form and its usual tendency is to flow downwards.

      When it is preserved, then, with the help of various yogic practices, it can be made to flow upwards. This energy is known as Kundalini energy, which is symbolized as sleeping serpent. With the preservation of semen combined with yogic practices, this energy is transferred upwards towards the brain.

      In the path, there are six chakras through which energy passes and at the end reaches the seventh chakra located in the brain. When this happens, all the chakras are activated and this leads to enlightenment.

      Yogis practice Vajroli mudra for achieving enlightenment, but it is also practiced by many people who want to get rid of sexual problems and problems in the urinary system. Steps to Practice Vajroli MudraSit erect in either Padmasana or Sidhasana so that the spine is straight.

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