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      Mind is the creation of all phenomena. As all phenomena exist in the mind, are created by mind, as we transform the mind, into something more beautiful — into our true mind, our boundless wisdom and perfectly clear mind, — we also create the beautiful world. As vision is connected to mind, we give some creation to what we view. As we view something beautiful, we are creating this, and if we view something unpleasant, we are creating this.

      To be detached from all phenomena is therefore important; so that until we have come to the full realization of perfect wisdom, (i.e., with all beings), we remain our tranquility if we go to any place — (with the goal of sharing wisdom and peace), —

      Therefore we do not cause any vibrations of worse nature. However — by the practice of discipline, wisdom and patience, and the other virtues — we become more potent at creating..

      So for this reason; we should create peaceful places… For this reason we should come to peaceful places, and perform meditation here and there.

      Also for this reason we should create all peaceful places — within our heart

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      Peaceful places are beautiful and wonderful;

      To create peace we should seek any places that are not peaceful,

      And bring peace to them.

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      To create peace we should go to places that are not peaceful;

      And bring peace.

      If we understand this; we know the opposite is also true —

      To teach that one should avoid places that are not peaceful,

      It’s not as good as knowing we are protected always;

      And that even in apparent places where there is not peace,

      We are protected and peaceful — and in this way,

      By going to such places we can bring peace.

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      Peace and perfection are everywhere —

      Even in a place where there is war —

      Peace is within that place,

      As it is within everything,

      And the potential is there.

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