Black and Gold Kalachakra
Black and Gold Kalachakra
Black and Gold Kalachakra

Black and Gold Kalachakra


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Black and Gold Kalachakra Mandala is handpainted on the cotton canvas in Kathmandu Nepal. Kalachakra Mandala is perfect for meditation.

The word Kalachakra means “Cycle of Time”.

The Kalachakra Tantra is a profound Buddhist system of teaching and practice which encompasses three aspects:

  • Outer Kalachakra: the external environment, the universe, and its cycles of arising and disintegrating.
  • Inner Kalachakra: the sentient beings living in the universe, and the cycles of death and birth and internal flows of breath and energy;
  • Alternative Kalachakra: The practice of purification undertaken by an individual so that ordinary death, birth, and manifestation on both an individual and universal level, which are usually uncontrollably subject to the passage of time, become purified into the fully Enlightened state of complete Buddhahood.




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