Dorje Neljorma Thangka
Dorje Neljorma Thangka
Dorje Neljorma Thangka

Dorje Neljorma Thangka


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Dorje Neljorma Thangka is handpainted in Kathmandu Nepal by master Thangka Artist.

Dorje Neljorma is a Tantric Buddhist female Buddha and a Dakini.

Vajrayogini is the queen of Dakinis the female Tantric deities or “sky dancers”.

She is the supreme teacher of the Anuttarayoga Tantra, the Yoga practice that allows those who are plagued by strong desires and attachment, to attain enlightenment.

Vajrayogini is the main dakini of the Tantra of Chakrasamvara known also as “Heruka” and the most relevant tantric goddess of all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

Vajrayogini is depicted in many different forms each having a unique name and appearance. The most common representations in traditional thangka art are:

  • Naropa form (Naro Khacho),
  • Vajravarahi (the red dancing dakini)
  • Chinnamasta (the severed head form)
  • Krodha Kali (the black form)
  •  Dechen Gyalmo

Each aspect of Vajrayogini’s form and mandala has a particular spiritual significance. She is generally depicted as a beautiful young girl with three eyes and the traditional aspects of a dakini, including a “driguk” in her right hand and a kapala filled with blood in her left hand.

Vajrayoginis essence is “great passion”, a transcendent passion that is free of selfishness and illusion.

She intensely works for the well-being of others and for the destruction of ego-clinging. She is seen as being ideally suited for people with strong passions, providing the way to transform those passions into enlightened virtues.

She is an Anuttarayoga Tantra meditation deity and her practice includes methods for preventing ordinary death, intermediate state and rebirth, and for transforming all mundane daily experiences into higher spiritual paths. Practices associated with her are Chod and the Six Yogas of Naropa.

Vajrayogini is often described with the epithet Sarva buddha dakini, meaning

“The dakini who is the Essence of all Buddhas”.

According to scholar Miranda Shaw,

Vajrayogini is “inarguably the supreme deity of the Tantric pantheon. No male Buddha, including her divine consort, Heruka-Cakrasaṃvara, approaches her in metaphysical or practical import.”


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