Dorje Sempa Thangka
Dorje Sempa Thangka

Dorje Sempa Thangka


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Dorje Sempa Thangka is hand-painted in Cotton Canvas in Kathmandu, Nepal. Vajrasattva is known as Dorje sempa. Dorje sempa is the Buddha of purification.

Dorje Sempa  is depited at the centre of the thangka.

Iconoraphy of Dorje Sempa

Vajrasattva is white, with one face and two hands, and resembles a youth of 16. Half of his long wavy black hair is gathered on top of his head, the rest curls down his back and around his shoulders. He is seated on a moon disc on a white lotus with his torso gracefully curved to our left in the dancer’s pose.

His legs are crossed in the vajra position. In his right hand, he holds a gold vajra to his heart, and in his left, at his hip, he holds a silent, ie. upturned, bell. He is lavishly dressed in fine green and red silk garments and is richly adorned with gold and jewels as befits a prince – with crown, hair ornaments, earrings, bracelets, and necklace.

Mantra of Dorje Sempa

The mantra of Dorje Sempa is Oṃ. Vajrasattva, keep your Samaya. As Vajrasattva, remain near me. Be steadfast towards me. Be very pleased with me.  Be completely satisfied with me. Be loving to me. Grant me all accomplishments. In all actions, make me mind pure and virtuous. Huṃ. Ha ha ha ha hoḥ. O Blessed One, Vajra-nature of all the Tathagatas, do not abandon me. Be of vajra-nature, O great Samaya-being, aḥ.


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