Green Kalachakra Mandala
Green Kalachakra Mandala

Green Kalachakra Mandala


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Tibetan Green Kalachakra Mandala 60*60cm in size. It is handpainted in a light green color background with details. The base of the painting is cotton canvas. Natural colors and vegetable pigments are used to color the mandala.

The Kalacakra tantra is considered the most advanced practice of the Vajrayana tradition. This complex system of teachings was originated in India and incorporated into Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

The Dalai Lama himself attends a series of rituals called “Kalachakra empowerment initiation” and the creation of the Kalachakra mandala is used as a visual textbook for Buddhist practitioners.

The Kalacakra initiation is based on the concepts of time (kala) and cycles (chakra) and, before approaching these rituals, the disciple should have acquired knowledge of the three principal aspects of the Mahayana doctrine: Samsara, Bodhichitta, and emptiness.

The powerful Kalachakra mantra is spelled: Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha.


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