Green Tara Mandala Sketch
Green Tara Mandala Sketch
Green Tara Mandala Sketch
Green Tara Mandala Sketch

Green Tara Mandala Sketch


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Green Tara Mandala Sketch features the Green Tara in its center, encircled by a lotus pattern and complemented by mantra and flower at the corner.

Green Tara is a female Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism who is venerated for her ability to remove obstacles and fulfill desires.

She is usually portrayed with four arms, each of which is associated with a specific activity such as pacifying, increasing, magnetizing, and wrathful action.

Her right hands are in the mudra of granting boons while her left hands hold a lotus, a blue utpala flower, and a bowl of jewels respectively. Her skin is often depicted as green, signifying her boundless compassion and knowledge.

She is usually shown seated on a lotus throne with her right leg extended in a gesture of generosity. Her crown is decorated with five Buddhas, signifying her accomplishment of the five perfections.

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