The Bhikkhus' Rules - Guide for Laypeople

The Bhikkhus’ Rules – Guide for Laypeople

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The Bhikkhus’ Rules – Guide for Laypeople is written by Bhikkhu Ariyesako. Bhikkhu Ariyesako composed and expounded the Theravadin Buddhist Monk’s Rules. This collection is for anyone who is curious about bhikkhus and how to interact with them.

Some may believe that this lineage takes an unduly orthodox stance however, it is the oldest living tradition in the world. A word of caution to anyone who is unfamiliar with the methods of monasticism which may appear to be extremely radical in today’s world. Meeting with a practicing bhikkhu who should manifest and reflect the calm and joyful aspects of the bhikkhu’s way of life is the best introduction and arguably the most important for full understanding.


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