The Sweet Dews of Ch'an

The Sweet Dews of Ch’an

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The Sweet Dews of Ch’an is written by Reverend Cheng Kuan. The result of meditation is Ch’an or Zen. Ch’an serves two ‘proper’ or ‘highest’ aims.

The initial goal is to attain Dhyana. Dhyana is a state of peacefulness or tranquility that is achieved through a mixture of relaxation, focus, and stillness or tranquility. The second goal is to witness all of the dharmas or phenomena, both outside and internally with a calm and composed mind.

You will be able to perceive these things extremely clearly as a result of Dhyana because your mental mirror will be exceedingly clear, as there will be no more interruptions to obscure it. Transcendental Wisdom, or Prajna in Sanskrit, will emerge from these discoveries.


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