Tibetan Carpet with Phoenix and Dragon

Tibetan Carpet with Phoenix and Dragon


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Tibetan Carpet with Phoenix and Dragon is hand weaved carpet in Tibetan traditional way. To complete this carpet it took 45 days and involve different people for a different process.

The Tibetan refugees living in  Darjeeling, India have a big community involved in manufacturing the traditional Tibetan carpet. They are doing it for a living.

There are a dragon, Phoenix and the flower design in the carpet.

The size of Tibetan Carpet with Phoenix and Dragon in a foot is 6*3 and it weighs 10 kg approx.

The Phoenix and dragon design uses the material cotton and wool.

The Phoenix bird stands for eternal life, charity, peace, and prosperity for mankind.

The Phoenix is shown either singly or together with the dragon.

Dragon and Phoenix stand for the duality of Male and Female, or for the King and Queen.

Learn more about Traditional Tibetan carpet making process in our blog post.



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