Tibetan carpet with Sleeping Dragon and Border

Tibetan carpet with Sleeping Dragon and Border


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Dragon is a symbol of love and fame. The rug is traditionally hand-knotted by highly skilled Tibetan carpet weavers on traditional vertical looms. Woven with 100 knots per square inch, It can take a skilled carpet weaver 2 to 3 months to complete one carpet.

Thunder dragons are benevolent beings. They dominate the oceans and the rain. Usually, they keep in their clutches the Buddhist treasure jewel. This symbolizes that they are flying through the air. The state of flying is underlined on Tibetan carpets by stylized clouds.

With the jewels in his hands, the dragon is also a gifted weather maker. By pressing the jewel he can produce rain. And depending on the pressure that the dragon exerts, the result may vary from a light shower to a large rain storm.

Bringing home carpets with this design bring harmony and fame in the family.

The size of this carpet on foot is 6*3 and the weight is 5 kg.

All the carpets are made of organic materials and all the carpets are hand-made. The vegetable dyes used to make carpest are tea leaves, Barberry plant, rumex leaf, myrobalan nut, madder root, indigo rock, etc.

There are several steps involved in the Tibetan carpet-making process. Carpet weaving is a traditional occupation of Himalayan people who started many years ago.

Learn more about the Traditional Tibetan carpet making process in our blog post.


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