White Tara – swift savior

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White Tara is a female enlightened being whose function is to bestow long life, wisdom, and good fortune. If we rely on her with faith, she will protect us from the untimely death, and ultimately guide us to the


White Tara is a female enlightened being whose function is to bestow long life, wisdom, and good fortune. If we rely on her with faith, she will protect us from the untimely death, and ultimately guide us to the deathless state of Buddhahood.

White Tara, is the goddess of compassion of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  The name Tara means the “one who saves”and her job is to alleviate people from suffering.

Gelek Rimpoche

White Tara is particularly associated with healing, protecting and stabilizing your life-force.

White Tara is one of the main 21 manifestations of Arya Tara which means, yes, She is Tara. White Tara protects disciples from one of the main outer hindrances, which is death – she helps practitioners live a long life.

White Tara overcomes the impediment to long life. All problems including sufferings, sicknesses, and diseases arise from thoughts that are based on attachment, aversion, and ignorance as to the way things really are. It is said again and again that the worst obstacle is the third concepts and thoughts. We continually think that we want to be happy and be free from suffering, we therefore never stop wanting more and more and as a result, increase our attachment and aversion.”

Tara protects from the eight fears. The fear of fire, lions elephants, snakes, imprisonment, floods, demons, robbers. These eight fears are also “metaphors” for the cause of our obstacles leading to suffering. The fifth great Dalai Lama wrote a magnificent praise for Green Tara where he illustrated the metaphors of the eight great internal fears: anger (fire), pride (lions), ignorance (elephants), snakes (envy), imprisonment (avarice), floods (attachment), demons (doubt) and robbers (wrong views).


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