Amitofo Care Centre’s Impact in Lesotho, Africa
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Amitofo Care Centre’s Impact in Lesotho, Africa

In the heart of Lesotho, a poignant scene unfolds at the Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) as children play football beneath the of a majestic .

This expansive campus serves orphans from childhood through young adulthood, a haven of education and social development in one of Africa’s smaller and poorer nations.

Lesotho, a Christian kingdom with a rich and vibrant , is now intertwined with through ACC’s efforts.

This blending of symbolizes the kingdom’s evolution in a multipolar world.

The campus itself is a testament to this mission, featuring a main hall flanked by guest dormitories, a dining hall, classrooms, and separate dormitories for boys and girls.

A new wing, nearing completion, includes additional multipurpose facilities and a newly finished dorm for senior high school girls.

Under the direction of Pearl Wu, ACC Lesotho fosters a family-oriented environment that prepares students for the outside world, despite the challenges they face upon leaving the center.

The supportive atmosphere contrasts sharply with the harsh realities many young graduates encounter in the job market.

Lesotho’s , characterized by expansive plains and stunning sunsets, provides a serene backdrop for ACC’s mission.

Despite cultural and administrative hurdles, Wu’s leadership and regular coordination with other ACC directors globally ensure that Buddhism as a culture and way of life is gaining a strong foothold in Lesotho.


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