Buddhism in Britain - Sociological Insights with Dr. Caroline Starkey
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Buddhism in Britain – Sociological Insights with Dr. Caroline Starkey

In the inaugural installment of the “ in Britain” series, introduces Dr. , a sociologist of and associate professor at the University of Leeds, as the central figure shaping the discussion.

The series aims to delve into the intersection of Buddhism and British converts, with Dr. Starkey’s expertise guiding the exploration.

Dr. Starkey’s interdisciplinary approach, rooted in sociology and ethnography, offers a multifaceted understanding of British Buddhism.

Her research interests extend beyond practicing communities to encompass the Chinese diaspora in Britain, women, and other marginalized groups.

Notably, she conducted the first national survey of and buildings in England and authored “Women in British Buddhism: Commitment, Connection, Community,” published by Routledge in 2019.

Drawing on her personal background, which includes a childhood immersed in Buddhist practices across , Dr. Starkey brings a unique perspective to her scholarship.

Her experiences as both an insider and outsider in the British Buddhist context inform her research, shedding light on issues of class, institutionalization, and individualization within British Buddhism.

Through the series, Dr. Starkey’s insights promise to offer valuable insights into the evolving of Buddhism in Britain, from historical legacies to contemporary shifts shaped by technology and social dynamics.


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