Cultivating the right to be happy despite any circumstances
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Cultivating the right to be happy despite any circumstances

In Venerable ’s book “” he emphasizes that everyone has the right to be happy, regardless of their life circumstances.

He notes that many people struggle with personal and emotional challenges, societal frustrations, and future anxieties, which often obscure their .

Pomnyun asserts that understanding the root cause of our can lead to solutions, highlighting that much of our unhappiness stems from an inability to let go of negative experiences.

He uses the metaphor of someone handing us a bag of trash, which represents negative actions or words from others.

Instead of discarding the trash, we tend to hold onto it, perpetuating our suffering.

Pomnyun advises against clinging to these and suggests that changing our mindset and addressing the sources of our discontent can pave the way to happiness.

Moreover, Pomnyun links personal happiness with social change, advocating for a balance between improving our mental attitudes and the social systems we live in.

He argues that individual efforts alone cannot create a better world, nor can external improvements alone ensure personal happiness.

True happiness, he believes, results from a combination of personal and societal cultivation.

Pomnyun encourages individuals to take responsibility for their lives and their environment, asserting that we create our own happiness.

By striving to benefit the world and not just ourselves, we can achieve genuine happiness and contribute to a better society.


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