Canadian Prairie Sangha to Preserve the Stories of Our Lineage Holders
Insight Meditation Society - US

Handing Down the Stories of our Lineage Holders

IMS has teamed up with the Canadian Prairie to safeguard the tales of our ancestral teachers.

A select few have the privilege of first-hand accounts from the Asian who trained the teachers who now teach in North America.

To preserve these stories, IMS Online and five Canadian Prairie sanghas have put together an online series called Lineage Stories which will feature the original teachers of early who taught many of our senior teachers.

Veteran teachers in the insight tradition will share their recollections of the teachers they studied with in as part of a series of programs beginning on October 12. Joseph Goldstein and , co-founders of IMS, will kick off the series by talking about Munindraji, , , and other influential figures.


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