Healing Anxiety and Depression with Miffi Maxmillion
Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre

Healing Anxiety and Depression with Miffi Maxmillion

In this talk , a registered teacher from the center in Brisbane, Australia, introduces a short course aimed at addressing unhappiness, anxiety, and depression using .

Miffi contrasts the Buddhist approach to with the Western perspective of resignation to misery.

The course provides participants with to initiate the healing process, exploring emotions like anxiety, anticipation, jealousy, low self-esteem, and frustration.

Miffi shares personal experiences of struggling with anxiety and depression during the pandemic, advocating for understanding emotions as messengers rather than problems themselves.

Attendees discuss their for joining the course, sharing their struggles with anxiety, depression, and medication.

The discussion explores how and misunderstanding can be fundamental reasons for , prompting individuals to examine the development of their symptoms in order to reveal deeper problems.

Miffi emphasizes the importance of honesty, , and continuous development throughout the course.

Additionally, the conversation explores concepts such as emptiness, dependent arising, and the distinction between laws and ethics.


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