Kopan Monastery Hosts First Regional Consultation for CPMT 2025
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

Kopan Monastery Hosts First Regional Consultation for CPMT 2025

The first of four regional consultations in 2024, preparing for the Council for the Preservation for the Tradition (CPMT) in 2025, was held at on April 14-15.

The event gathered 30 onsite and a dozen online participants from South and East and South-East Asia, including eight and nuns from Kopan.

Selina Foong, regional coordinator for East and South-East Asia, reported a strong sense of reunion and purpose as participants met in person after four years, at the birthplace of their shared journey, Kopan .

The event saw representation from all () East & South-East Asian centers, as well as South Asian centers in and .

Notable attendees included Khen Chonyi and Ven. , contributing to a dynamic and familial atmosphere.

The meeting focused on advancing the vision of a world guided by and . Discussions were organized into regional groups, ESEA, India, and Nepal, addressing key topics:

  • Education
  • Community Services and Interfaith
  • Modern Technologies and Communications
  • Leadership

Each group presented their findings in the closing session, followed by a buffet lunch in Boudha.

This consultation, the first of its kind by FPMT and International Office, will be followed by similar events globally, setting the stage for the CPMT in Kopan Monastery.

The next consultation took place in Jamyang London on April 26-28, with upcoming events in North and Latin America and Australia and New Zealand.


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