Local Buddhism and where to find it with Timothy Brook
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Local Buddhism and where to find it with Timothy Brook

Professor explores the impact of local , focusing on .

This discussion emerged from a conference with Fudan University, where he distinguishes local from translocal Buddhism and insider from outsider perspectives.

Brook uses Wushan, Woo-shaishan, and Wuqianshan as case studies to shed light on local Buddhism.

He emphasizes that most people experience religion locally, influenced by their community.

Brook discusses the challenges of studying and the contrast between tourist and local Buddhism.

He examines Xiang , Wu Taishan, and Udanghsan as examples of local Buddhism’s unique aspects.

Brook shares insights into his research on historical experiences of Chinese Buddhism, including Wutaishan’s significance.

He also explores XiangSing and Longshan Wolf Mountain as examples of local dynamics, highlighting the importance of understanding local Buddhism’s engagement with communities.

His discussion unveils the intricate relationship between local Buddhism and society, enhancing our understanding of this complex interplay.


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