Martin Verhoeven on what is socially engaged Buddhism?
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Martin Verhoeven on what is socially engaged Buddhism?

, reflecting on ’s , articulates the seamless integration of self-transformation and social engagement within .

Martin challenges the misconception that practice entails withdrawal from the world, emphasizing its inherent compatibility with active involvement in society.

Drawing from Buddhist like the Avatamsaka and the Platform Sutra, Verhoeven elucidates the interconnectedness of worldly and transcendent .

He underscores the historical precedent set by Buddhist masters, who, far from being socially disengaged, actively interacted with diverse individuals, embodying and wisdom.

Martin emphasizes the pivotal role of to the truth of non-self, elucidating how this realization naturally engenders compassion and a sense of interconnectedness with all beings.

In this light, social engagement ceases to be a deliberate choice but rather a spontaneous response to the interdependent nature of existence.

Ultimately, Martin posits that Buddhist practice is not merely a quest for personal but also a compassionate response to the of all sentient beings.

He advocates for a holistic approach that integrates with altruistic action, embodying the transformative potential of Buddhism in the world.


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