14-Meter Buddha Statue in Ladakh
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MIMC Consecrates 14-Meter Buddha Statue in Ladakh

On 1 August, a large group of senior and over 500 figures from monasteries in Ladakh and other places around the globe convened at the (MIMC) in Leh’s Devachan Campus to bless a 14-meter tall statue of , which is part of the new for World .

Venerable Sanghasena, the founder and president of MIMC, warmly greeted the esteemed guests present for the special event, noting that the newly consecrated statue was meant to promote world peace and would be a source of inspiration for many generations to practice the of the .

“The world is passing through a phase in which there is a conflict everywhere and under such circumstances, the teachings and philosophy of the Lord Buddha have only become more and more relevant.” ~ Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena


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