Select The Vibratory Power of Sanskrit with Lucy Crisfield (#167) The Vibratory Power of Sanskrit with Lucy Crisfield
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The Language of Yoga with Lucy Crisfield

In this podcast episode, Lucy Crisfield, a speaker at the World Festival and founder of “Original ”, shares insights from her new book, “The Sounds of ~ The Language of Yoga”.

Drawing from her background in , mathematics, and extensive travels, Lucy discusses her profound journey into yoga and .

The episode covers topics such as the influence of previous teachers on Sanskrit understanding, the distinction between academic and vibratory approaches to Sanskrit, the metaphysics of sound, and the unique philosophy of sound in the world.

Lucy delves into the differences between music and mantra, the potential effects of mispronounced , and the role of grammar in unlocking Sanskrit’s vibrational potency.

Overall, the episode provides a rich exploration of the transformative power of Sanskrit sounds and their connection to the wisdom of the Self.


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