Affiliate program

Welcome to Mandalas Life Affiliate Program

The Mandalas Life Affiliate Program is focused on helping our registered members to make more money from their activity.

We are here to help you as much as possible so don’t hesitate to contact us if necessary.

The Affiliate Program (for commission paintings)

The first version of the affiliation program

We provide URLs with a tracker giving you 10% commission (excluding shipping) every time someone buys a painting using your affiliation link.
The second version of the affiliation program
We give you a dedicated coupon for free shipping. Every time the coupon is used by a client you gain $10 and the client save $20 to $30 depending on the shipping zone.

Who can join?

Submit your affiliation request using the button below.

After reviewing your affiliation request you will be contacted via email.

In order to access the Affiliate Program and see the statistics, how much you earned, clicks, registrations, and all available functions and resources you must have Affiliate Accepted status.

Payout time frame

Payout is done automatically twice a month up to $100 in balance.


10% commission on any one-time fee charges (excluding shipping cost)


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