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Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha

The empowerment pacifies conflicts, develops and welfare, reduces and increases , , , , and .

Who is Kalachakra?


Both a patron or in and the doctrines and of the Kalachakra lineage are referred to as Kalachakra.

What is the of Kalachakra ?

The mantra of Kalachakra is Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha.

What is the meaning of the Kalachakra mantra?

The symbol in monogram form contains the seed syllabus of the Kalachakra . It presents the of the of energy which transcends the relative concepts of and . Kalachakra is a vehicle for world peace.

The next two syllables,

  • HAM and KSHAH are the seed syllables for the father Kalachakra (HAM) and, correspondingly, his consort Vishvamata (KSHAH).

The next syllable MA is the basis for the inestimable mansion of Kalachakra.

The four syllables LA, VA, RA, YA stand for the four elements of earthfirewater, and wind.

HUM PHAT signifies an offering of blessings, with the wish that hearing the mantra and reciting it bring supreme benefit to all sentient beings.

What are the benefits of Kalachakra Mantra?

Kalachakra Mantra is is often chanted to feel immediate peace and comfort.

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