About Alakh Niranjan

Alakh Niranjan is a term used by Nath Yogis as a synonym for Creator, and to describe the characteristics of God and the Self, known as the Atman. Alakh means "one which cannot be seen (perceived)" and niranjan means "spotfree". Niranjan is another name of Lord Shiva. Also spelled, "Alekh".
Alakh Niranjan – Alakh Niranjan murmu in Yoga tradition

Alakh Niranjan the foundation of spiritual light

meaning Alakh means A-Lakhshana which means: Beyond identifying features (lakhshana) or attributes It refers to Attributeless or Nirguna in here. This idea comes from traditions originating in Swetashwetara Upanishad. This particular Upanishad deals with Yoga, Vedantic Monotheism as well as as Sat-Chit-Ananda. Legend of Alakh Legend has it, that the slogan or elating cry for the Supreme Being was first coined by Matsyendranath. is popularly regarded as the "second " .